Miters Specifications

Our intelligent miters provide a solution to problems areas of your home that need additional protection from heavy water volume flow. By increasing trouble spot surface areas, each miter allows more water to pass through so that your gutter system performs at its best. 

Let’s face it, gutters are very weak and lightweight by nature so they can easily detach from a home during heavy windstorms or snowstorms.  Our patented installation design gives gutters the durability it needs to withstand nature.  These tough screws will be sure to secure gutters and we do not recommend any gutter protection products heavier than the gutter itself.

• Enlarges open area in the miter by 40% to handle increased water volumes

• Constructed from sturdy .024” aluminum and stainless steel mesh construction

• Eliminates the need for valley shields or diverters that act as a debris trap

• Screws directly to the fascia and front lip of gutter to create strength and stability

• Integrated screen reinforcements eliminate screen deformation under load

• Use of the miters eliminates the need to cut compound miters on Xtreme® product

• Low profile design in height creates an unobtrusive appearance


Make sure that your gutters are protected all the way to the end points. End Caps are carefully crafted to completely protect your gutters from small animals or debris that enter through open gaps at the ends.

For inside roof valleys