At the heart of PIGI lies our people. Dreamers. Innovators. People who work hard to create products that solve problems. Our company motto reminds us every day that with the right people, we can accomplish great things.

We take the time in Engineering to measure twice, cut once. This working philosophy ensures we manufacture the best products for our consumers. We promise to always produce the finest product using the best materials and with stringent quality control.

PIGI is the proud parent company of The RHINO®, Evelyn’s Leaf Solution, White Label, Xtreme and NEW Wave™.

Each one of our brands is a result of embracing innovation and then applying it to fuel the ideas that help us engineer products that provide logical solutions to home improvement problems. We are committed to engineering high-caliber products that deliver and exceed expectations.

At PIGI, we keep our finger on the pulse of the home improvement industry and are constantly growing and evolving in order to provide products that our customers can depend on.